Doctors have called 7 signs of type II diabetes

Not only the constant thirst can be a sign of diabetes. Doctors advise to pay close attention to the seven symptoms that indicates the presence of dangerous diseases in humans.

Врачи назвали 7 признаков диабета второго типа

Type two diabetes, usually known as the diabetes in adults, begins quietly and for a long time does not cause any harm. Initial symptoms of the disease are weak, and many cases of them barely notice that prevents to diagnose the disease and start taking the necessary therapeutic measures.
German doctors told the portal Focus Online about which symptoms should prompt a person to check for diabetes of the second type, specifying their blood sugar levels. According to experts, there are seven control signs of illness that require special attention.
Here are the symptoms:

  • constant thirst,
  • frequent urination, especially at night,
  • increased dryness of the skin and itching
  • slower healing of injuries and wounds,
  • weakness and fatigue without external causes, for example, in the absence of lack of sleep,
  • susceptibility to infections-for example, a person often gets cold,
  • weight loss, despite normal rhythm of life and constant diet.

“These warning signs are not only type II diabetes but type I diabetes, which strikes mostly young people. Particularly closely with type I diabetes is associated the last paragraph about weight loss without diet and exercise” — said the experts.

The doctors stressed that to consult a doctor is required even if there is at least one of these symptoms. According to them, late diagnosed and untreated for long, diabetes can cause very serious consequences such as damage to kidneys, eyes and cardiovascular system.