Doctors have called the most effective ways to get rid of problems with pressure

Doctors have called the most effective ways to help get rid of problems caused by high or low blood pressure. If compliance decreases the risk of various complications and premature death.

Медики назвали самые действенные способы избавиться от проблем с давлением

Hypotension is often seen in skinny and young women, symptoms of this disease are lethargy, weakness, or fatigue in the morning, and also the tendency to freeze. However, doctors say, low blood pressure of the health is not in danger, protecting the blood vessels. In cases of excess baggage increases the risk of kidney failure, possible heart attacks and strokes. According to statistics, at least 50% of all heart attacks can be avoided if you take the necessary steps. The positive effect carries a weight loss. Reset extra pounds will protect the circulatory system from problems. You need to move a lot due to the fact that exercises also function as tablets.

Then you should go on the Mediterranean diet, as it is considered one of the healthiest in the world. You should include in your diet vegetables, fruits, olive oil, fish and garlic, it is recommended to reduce the use of salt. These measures will help to control the pressure, doctors say.