Doctors have criticized the effort to abandon gluten

Waiver of gluten many consider to be correct, but in reality it does not benefit healthy people. This was stated by researchers from the universities of reading and Sheffield in the UK.

Медики раскритиковали стремление к отказу от глютена

In the journal Gastroenterology researchers noted that gluten today is often characterized as something bad and harmful. Opponents of gluten say that it is poorly absorbed by the intestine, it causes fermentation and other undesirable processes, which in turn provoke other problems.

Meanwhile, the scientists containing gluten grains, primarily whole grains, are an important source of protein, fiber and micronutrients to support healthy functioning of the organism.

“Giving up gluten, many people believe that in this way they protect their intestines. But in reality, gluten may not cause problems with the stomach in the absence of him physiological sensitivity,” — said co-author David Sanders.

In the study, researchers conducted a series of experiments with the use of gluten and non. These factors were assessed in connection such violations of the gastrointestinal tract, such as pain, constipation, diarrhea and reflux.

Experiments showed that healthy people taking gluten, no problems with the gastrointestinal tract or other side effects.
Scientists critical of the effort to abandon gluten and that a gluten-free diet is necessary measure only in celiac disease, which affects only 1% of the world population.