Doctors have debunked popular myths about the common cold

Colds can occur out of nowhere.

For this reason, about it there are a lot of myths which we will try to dispel.

Медики развенчали популярные мифы о простуде

The reason – cold

If that was indeed the case, then there would be cold in the summer. Yes, pereodevshis with a weakened immune system health will not increase. But if the person is hardened, the frozen legs do not cause the flu. To the contrary, unless a runny nose, dip a cold shower, followed by rubbing, the cold does not even start.

The fact that the frost has indirect influence on the indicators of colds. When the street is cold weather, most of the time people spend in rooms where the Windows closed and air conditioning. It was then aktiviziruyutsya viruses, infecting as many people as possible.

You can’t wash your hair before going out

This was brought up several generations in the former USSR. Although the entire planet to clean in the morning. Note that almost half a century ago, the British were checked, how many two of our two groups, the participants of which were in wet clothes. Provided that the cold caught about the same number among those who were in the draft, and kept in a warm room. Again – the root cause of Zakalennoye and immunity.

Infection through kiss

Scientists have proved that an intermediate instance in the process of infecting the hands. Rhinoviruses prefer to get into the body through the nose.

The incompatibility of sport and colds

With the normalization of temperature it is necessary to return to sports. It is clear that everything should be in moderation. But in any case you will assist the body in strengthening the immune system . Are the most useful Jogging or walking for 30 minutes.

It is possible to cause pneumonia, if not to cough

The danger of the suppression of cough for those suffering from lung diseases, and relating to severe and chronic disease. Others have to struggle with bouts of coughing, especially since tools for this abound. You just need to wait for their action, when to start the self-cleaning of coughing.

To be treated better than just alcohol

The virus is not afraid of alcohol, because it did not meet with him: the vodka gets into the body via the gastrointestinal tract, and viruses in the upper respiratory tract.

Besides, alcohol makes the body weak in fighting viral infection.

Need to improve nutrition

In fact, the meats affect the body like stress and infections. The best option in order to prevent winter colds is fasting. Advise at least sometimes try to give up meat and milk. It is not about starvation. The rules are pretty simple: drink fluids up to 3 liters during the day and not eat meat, fish, eggs and milk.