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In autumn, experts recommend as often as possible to include in the diet seasonal grapes – they positively affect health, particularly the heart muscle, and strengthen the immune system in anticipation of flu season.

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In grape berries contain sugar and glucose, organic acids, numerous vitamins and minerals, particularly potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, sodium, iron.

“Sweet grapes to eat better in the first half of the day, after all, despite all the benefits, the berries are high in calories and can harm the figure, especially when the tendency to excess weight. But this does not mean that in the pursuit of slender waist from eating grapes should be abandoned. The sugar contained in the grapes is easily digested and nourishes the muscles, besides it is good for the heart. Glucose helps the tissues easier to absorb oxygen.

No less useful phosphorus and calcium, which help strengthen bones because it is very important in childhood. Besides, grape accelerates the growth of the child,” said the doctor.

For the coordinated work of internal organs and hematopoiesis important the iron contained in grapes in large quantities.

“The grapes helps to cleanse the body of toxins and has antiseptic properties. Besides, it is light and natural diuretic, which, moreover, has beneficial effects on the kidneys”, — added the expert.

Fresh grape juice is recommended for people with loss of strength, excessive nervous tension and chronic fatigue, as a natural energetic and tonic.