Doctors have warned of the danger of chips and convenience foods for women

Fast food, processed foods and other not very healthy food can provoke depression in women. This conclusion is based on results of a comprehensive study made by scientists from the United States of America.

Медики предупредили об опасности чипсов и полуфабрикатов для женщин

Employees of Harvard University once again drew attention to the link between diet and health (both physical and mental), and decided to find out how poor quality food affects the susceptibility to depression in women. It turned out that unhealthy food can be one of the key factors in depression.

“Women who have some serious troubles of life, often try to eat their problems all sorts of unhealthy foods. Of course, what poor quality food affects the body is not the best way — there is excess weight, cosmetic problems, and so on. All this is very conducive to the development of depression, especially in women, mental state, which is much stronger than in men, tied to appearance,” — say the researchers.

Fast food in all its forms, semi-finished products and products with high content of carbohydrates and fats, as well as of destructive items like chips — all this is hurting any body, when consumed regularly. If we are talking about a woman’s body, she runs the risk to get not only obesity and skin problems but also depression. Men, however, are not immune from this outcome.