Doctors have warned of the danger of therapeutic mud


Used in medicinal purposes, mud can be hazardous to the human body. When the love of such a practice should adhere to several key rules of care.

Медики предупредили об опасности лечебных грязей

According to doctors, the mud baths have on the body a significant load. They are usually safe for healthy people, however, the list of contraindications this means impressive. Before beginning procedures, you should discuss them with your doctor, because not in vain they are usually carried out in specialized sanatoriums.

Among those to whom this practice is contraindicated, are suffering from tuberculosis of the individual, it should not be used in diseases of the thyroid, lungs, during pregnancy. It is not recommended to nephritis, hepatitis, tumors, hypertension, etc. you can Not use the mud taken from the bottom of reservoirs, since it is no good, and should not “dry” when it is applied to the body in the sun, because the combination of UV radiation creates a number of risks.

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