Doctors have warned of the mortal danger of caps and berets

Winter hats low quality can provoke a potentially fatal disease. About the dangers of wearing poor quality caps and berets warned doctors and experts.

Медики предупредили о смертельной опасности шапок и беретов

Particularly high health risks represent a low-quality knit hats. In the yarn, which is made from the caps, there may be toxic chemicals, for example, can cause cancer. The situation is complicated by the fact that a large part of knitted hats, represented on the Russian market, does not meet the applicable national standards of quality and safety.

“If you feel itchy after wearing a hat or beret, or if you experience constant headaches, it is reason for alarm — we can talk about progressive cancer of the brain. In General, caps are a more significant health threat than is commonly believed among the townsfolk, so this joke is not necessary”, — say the doctors, who drew attention to the problem of low-quality caps.

Do not buy caps, embroidered with crystals or beads. And it’s not some aesthetic issues, but the fact that such hats are used toxic chemicals, very dangerous to the human body.