Doctors office workers lose their health due to bad indoor air

According to doctors, the main cause of increasing cases among office workers is the poor quality of indoor air. In addition to infections, the scourge of office workers are psychological problems.

Врачи: офисные служащие теряют здоровье из-за плохого воздуха в помещении

About what threatens the health of people working in offices, told the experts. Experts said that, starting to work in the office, people at some point may notice that started to hurt. Doctors believe this is due to the influence of adverse conditions of the office environment.

“The main reason for this situation is the deterioration of air quality in office buildings, primarily due to improperly organized ventilation and insufficient air exchange and overcrowding of staff in the premises”, — said the experts.

Another problem damaging the health of office workers, is professional burnout. According to doctors, it affects not only quality work but also on the lives of people outside of it. In addition, the office job is threatened by the possible development of psychological and mental problems syndrome neuro-emotional stress, increased anxiety, neuroses.

“These violations are associated with stressful situations, low social support, lack of decent remuneration for work, high expectations and fear of losing their jobs,” — believe the doctors.

They added that the problems of psycho-emotional properties, in turn, can become the starting mechanism for the development of heart disease, blood vessels, gynecological diseases in women and reproductive health disorders in men.

At the Institute recalled that the office workers every hour to stretch, do gymnastics, walk or jump for 15 minutes. During the breaks, experts recommend sure to drink water or tea is good for the kidneys and blood vessels. When stress and tension is shown taking vitamin D, E and magnesium B6.