Doctors pointed to five signs of a bad kidney

Among the signs that may indicate that your kidneys are bad, doctors have highlighted the occurrence of swelling and pain in the back, and pale skin.

Медики указали на пять признаков плохой работы почек

Experts warn of kidney disease in the initial stages are often asymptomatic. More precisely, their symptoms in many cases are charged to the manifestation of other ailments. Doctors recommend to pay close attention to the following phenomena.

Swelling. Yes, the appearance of edema does not always indicate it is on renal dysfunction. And yet, if under the eyes appeared bags, which are not, and the shoes began to fit one with difficulty, is a serious reason to apply for examination to the doctor-the nephrologist.

Pain in the lower back. This pain can be a sign of a bad work of kidneys, if in addition thereto also nausea, rise in temperature and frequent visits to the toilet.

Violation of urination. That kidney problem, in essence, can “speak” any unpleasant effects associated with urination, — pain, discoloration and odor of urine, its excess or, on the contrary, a small amount, too strong desire and the inability to control the urge to “urinate,” etc.

Dry and pale skin. Due to the kidneys in the body maintains a balance of important minerals in a timely manner, displays the excess fluid and harmful substances. All this provides a healthier looking skin. In case of bad functioning of the kidneys can be observed dermatological adverse changes – pallor, dry skin, itching.

High blood pressure. There are many causes of hypertension, most of which are not associated with renal disorders. High blood pressure, which are difficult to conventional treatment, can talk about the issue with the renal vessels.