Doctors said the benefits of asparagus for health

Doctors have argued in favor of eating asparagus, which brings great benefits to health. Among the useful properties such as regulating blood pressure.

Врачи уточнили пользу спаржи для здоровья

One of the important substances in the plant is the vitamin A that improves the condition of skin and hair, in turn, the vitamin b has an effect on cognitive ability, improves concentration, elevates mood. The product is ascorbic acid, important for maintaining immunity. Among the useful components of asparagus — K, Zn, Na, aspargin, reduce blood pressure, expand blood vessels and strengthens the heart muscle. Due to the fiber content it is indicated for people with problems of the digestive tract.

With regular use, according to studies, the plant reduces the risk of kidney disease, as potassium salts in asparagus prevents the formation of stones. As for the calories, then 100 grams contains 20 calories, which indicates the possibility there is a product without the risk to get better, on the contrary, it should be included in the diet as a garnish to any dish. The preparation is cleaned of stems, wash, followed by quenching for 5 to 10 minutes.