Doctors shocked: became known deadly “weakness” of Queen Elizabeth II

Доктора в шоке: стала известна смертельно опасная «слабость» королевы Елизаветы II

At the Queen Elizabeth II, known for his will power and habit to a healthy way of life, has one weakness. About it newspaper Express said the expert on the British Royal family, Gordon Rayner, says the Russian edition of the Argument.

The publication notes that Queen Elizabeth II isn’t too picky in everything, including food. But there are some rules that must comply with the chefs that you trust the honour to feed the Queen. Moreover, it is not only about those who work in her residence, but foreign chefs if they had ever to cook for the monarch during her foreign visits. And Elizabeth had a lot to travel during her reign, she has visited with visits from more than 100 countries.

First and foremost, all chefs is strictly prohibited to add in food for Elizabeth even if the small amount of garlic or seafood. The latter, according to the established in the Royal family tradition, considered to be dangerous from the point of view of the possibility of poisoning. It is advised not to feed it too spicy food, excess of spices Elizabeth did not approve of ever.

In any case, if the foreign chefs suddenly not be able to comply with these simple rules, employees of a court of the state of the Queen always carry a beautiful stock of British food for Elizabeth. As well as stocking up on bottled water — if the monarch goes into the region where water quality is questionable. In General, Elizabeth, according to Rainer, is willing to settle for what she serves. Moreover, a foodie it is difficult to call, she’s been eating too much and tries to observe moderation in everything.

But what is the secret that shock doctors?

It turns out there is one dish, which, according to Reiner, 93-year-old Queen of Britain is not able to refuse. This chocolate sponge cake. Although doctors often delicately hinted to the Queen that such confectionery products at her age it is better to avoid, Elizabeth eat it every day! But if goes somewhere on a trip, it certainly takes a stock of your favorite treats with you. And all attempts to dissuade Her Majesty consume a treat while in what have not resulted.

As previously reported “FACTS”, a huge bruise on the hand of Queen Elizabeth frightened her subjects.

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