Doctors strongly advise you to avoid yogurt on an empty stomach

Breakfast, based on yoghurt, is a very bad choice, which is not only useful, but also quite harmful. This statement was made by Leila Baltacheeva, practitioner-gastroenterologist.

Медики советуют отказаться от йогуртов натощак

According to the physician, yoghurt, eaten on an empty stomach, leaves the stomach too quickly, and it may be accompanied by harmful effects. “Yogurt leaves the stomach after fifteen to twenty minutes. But the stomach at that time still continues to work and to synthesize digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. That is, eating yogurt for Breakfast on a regular basis, you risk getting some stomach problems in the future,”says medical professional.

If you eat yogurt in between meals, there are no such harmful effects — said Leila Baltacheeva, adding that the optimal for all parameters of Breakfast is oatmeal. “Oatmeal for a long time leaves the stomach and protects it from enzymes and acids. Enveloping the stomach wall, oatmeal not only protects it, but prevents too rapid emergence of feelings of hunger”, — said Baltacheeva.

Porridge can be boiled in water or milk. If you do not have the characteristics of fat metabolism in the oatmeal, add a little butter — so porridge will be more delicious and satisfying.