Doctors told about the dangerous diseases of the eye, being unobtrusive to humans


Problems with vision can affect people of any age. Doctors told about some dangerous eye diseases, which are hardly noticeable for humans.

Медики рассказали о опасных болезнях глаз, являющихся малозаметными для человека

In the list of diseases, which are almost impossible to detect without professional assistance, was amblyopia. We are talking about sustained single or bilateral decrease of vision, not amenable to optical correction. It may occur as a result of various diseases of the eye and for no apparent reason. A special hazard is amblyopia for children. Among its causes: strabismus, congenital cataract, optic defects. For timely diagnosis of disease is necessary to treat a child for help to the ophthalmologist.

Another unsafe eye disease — retinoblastoma. It is a malignant intraocular education and develops from neuroectoderm of the retina. Very often, the pathology affects the eyes of children of early age. Retinoblastoma leads to loss of Central and binocular vision of leukocoria, development of strabismus, secondary glaucoma and inflammation. The disease can affect the choroid of the eye, the retina, and orbit. In 50 percent of cases, the pathology occurs because of genetics. More than half of young patients born from parents who have suffered from retinoblastoma in childhood. If diabetes is detected early, there are chances that the child’s sight will be saved.

Melanoma can occur in any part of the human body. It arises in the iris, pupil or sclera. The main symptoms are: errors of vision, deterioration of vision objects, the gradual loss of peripheral vision, change the shape of the pupil. Problems should not be ignored, and to see a specialist.

Glaucoma is a common and difficult to diagnose disease. Very often the disease is correlated with high intraocular pressure and occurs in those over 40. For glaucoma characterized by a gradual deterioration of peripheral vision, pain, smarting, a feeling of heaviness in the eyes, blurred vision, in the worst cases, blindness.