Doctors told about the dangers of eating kebab

How it is harmful and useful.

This dish is one of the most popular for outdoor recreation. First of all you should pay attention to the calorie content of meals.

Медики рассказали об опасностях употребления шашлыка

It should be noted that the kebab is one of the most healthy methods of cooking meat. The fact that it is fried without oil, preserving the maximum benefit. But meat contains fats, which directly affects the caloric value of the dish.

Of course, the caloric content of the kebab depends on the type of meat that you choose to prepare:

chicken – 148 kcal. Unsaturated fats there are only 4% (the low fat variety), 48% protein and 30% cholesterol;
pork – 173 kcal. Unsaturated fats – 9%, protein – 28%, and cholesterol by 24%;
lamb – 187 kcal Unsaturated fat – 12%, protein 47%, cholesterol – 30%;
beef – 193 kcal. Saturated fat – 14%, protein – 28%, cholesterol by 27%.
These figures are typical 100 grams of barbecue, without the marinade.

The liquid in which you soaked meat, directly affects the increase in calories. It should be noted that the mayonnaise will, of course, greasy and high-calorie than a vinegar dressing. Don’t forget that calorie will add barbecue sauce (ketchup, for example) and other snacks, like bread, onion, vegetables. After all, people rarely eat only meat, preferring various additives.

So, the use of the barbecue is determined by the fact that this meat is an essential component in the diet of each person. The kebab is very high in protein, but the amount varies depending on the variety. In addition, the meat contains amino acids, which have benefits in terms of strengthening the muscle tissue, circulatory system and immunity.

Even when frying meat kebab will retain much of the vitamins and minerals that are in raw product. The greatest benefits are the b vitamins, which can improve all body systems.

Among minerals favor will have iron, which is very much in skewers. We need it to improve blood circulation, prevent the development of anemia.

Also, the skewers remain the calcium and phosphorus needed for strong bones, improve the functioning of the nervous system, the production of testosterone. Especially use to affect men.

It should be noted that the caloric content can also be use of barbecue. Because this makes the product very nourishing, quickly saturating the body and giving it energy for the whole day.

The harm of barbecue
However, do not think that everything is so rosy. Barbecue may also have damage. In particular, it concerns the carcinogens that accumulate on the surface of grilled meat. And the main damage in this case – increasing the probability of development of oncological diseases, which are caused due to the large number of carcinogens.

Also, the skewers have cholesterol, which in large amounts can lead to blood clots in the blood vessels and arteries, dysfunction in the heart. Respectively, and premature death.

Ready the barbecue can be dangerous if stored for a long time. Outdoors it can get contaminated with bacteria and various organisms that can cause harm. So the kebab is recommended to eat immediately after cooking. If this is not possible, then it should be properly stored in airtight containers at a temperature of 2-4 degrees no more than 36 hours.