Doctors told about the dangers of popular sugar substitute

Side effects of stevia.

Медики рассказали о вреде популярного сахарозаменителя

Stevia is traditionally considered to be the most healthy alternative to sugar. It turns out that when used may have side effects.

Allergies. Stevia is made from plants with pollen, so, theoretically, it can provoke an allergic reaction among some people. In particular those who have sensitivity to pollen. In this advance to know that it is impossible, but if you generally have allergic to plants, it’s best to avoid stevia.

The risk for pregnant women. Stevia may not be safe for pregnant and breast feeding women. Although this is not conclusive, the sugar substitute extracted from plants, which means that it can trigger certain allergies and inflammation.

The risk of diabetes. There are studies which provided that stevia lowers sugar levels in the body too much, so that it can be dangerous for diabetics. That is why you should consult with your doctor about, how much you need to consume this sugar substitute.

Blood pressure. Stevia is known for its ability to lower blood pressure, but again, as in the case of blood sugar, may occur too sharply. And this can lead to serious health problems.

The effect on the kidney. Because stevia increases the process of withdrawal of water from urine. And since this process is the responsibility of kidneys, the consumption of stevia has an unwanted pressure on these organs, which can cause some problems with them.