Doctors told about the dangers of walking with open ankles in cold weather

Open ankles in rolled up pants are fashionable and popular trend, but doctors warn that in our climate it is not safe. This habit contributes to hypothermia, increasing the risk of serious diseases.

Медики рассказали об опасности хождения с открытыми щиколотками в холодную погоду

Otolaryngologist Galina Tarasova expressed her opinion that every person has the right to choose their own clothes, especially since the perceived temperature is all different, and someone not feel cold with bare ankles.

At the same time, the expert said: “If people mersley, it is better not to walk around with exposed ankles, and those who are a notice that does not freeze, ban the doctors do not impose, but is not recommended to do that.”

In turn, another specialist, Lyudmila Lapa, said that in the cold freezing ankles can cause dangerous circulatory disorders in the legs. According to her, if such breach is suffering and lymph flow, and the violation of lymphatic drainage, in turn, weakens the immune system.

Supported the view of the danger of walking with bare ankles in cold weather, and medical journalist Victoria Sudarkina. She noted that constantly merznuschy feet contribute to the development of osteoarthritis and inflammation of the joints.