Doctors told about the features of female stroke

Specialized doctors of the German portal Focus Online spoke about the peculiarities of the female stroke. As it turned out, in General, this condition accompany the typical symptoms, but in women they don’t seem so dangerous.

Медики рассказали об особенностях женского инсульта

A stroke is characterized by an acute circulatory disturbance of the brain, which is accompanied by the appearance of focal or non-focal neurological symptoms persisting for more than 24 hours or leading to death in a shorter period of time due to cerebrovascular disease. Physicians are referred to the stroke, brain hemorrhage, hemorrhage in the subarachnoid space due to a sudden rupture of arterial aneurysm or as a result of traumatic brain injury, and cerebral infarction.

In women, the risk of this condition increases with age. While ladies generally endure a stroke is heavier than men, and the consequences are more serious. Stroke women die more often, and recover worse. Usually the symptoms of cerebrovascular disease in both sexes is identical. These include unilateral numbness of the skin of the body (hands, feet, or half of the face), muscle weakness, double picture-in eyes and slurring of speech. In acute condition can be added to the deafness, the absence of so-called plus symptoms, when with the exception of a headache working up to the time of the attack functions cease to operate.

In women, the stroke risk increases in the case of the use of hormonal therapy. The threat increases if ladies smoke and suffer from migraines. Doctors recommend to prevent stroke is to stop Smoking and meat, to control the pressure, to treat atrial fibrillation, to monitor the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, and exercise regularly.