Doctors told about the main beneficial properties of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a real help in the issue of weight loss. Just a pinch of cinnamon in your coffee or yoghurt, baked apples or pumpkin porridge – and your metabolism is accelerated significantly.

Медики рассказали об основных полезных свойствах корицы

Cinnamon is not only a great addition to baked goods and hot drinks, but also a General tonic that lowers blood sugar – because it shocks us and wakes up periodically an appetite.

“In the season of colds and viral infections is often as you can, to season their dishes and desserts with cinnamon as it has a pronounced antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is a great prevention of seasonal diseases, and in addition, more and heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke,” says the doctor.

The experts said that the smell of cinnamon stimulates the brain, improves memory and sharpens response. Therefore sprinkle a Cup of coffee a pinch of cinnamon during the working day is a great idea. Useful cinnamon and liver problems – it accelerates the regeneration of this body and has a mild choleretic effect.

Ginger is another known and proven for centuries immune stimulant, which, besides, helps to lose weight. To speed up the metabolism the root of ginger should be a regular condiment or additive in tea. Literally a quarter tablespoons shavings of ginger is enough to shake the body and start the digestion.