Doctors told as pimples on the face associated with the disease

Of human disease may be suspected by location of acne on his face, say doctors from China. According to them, inflammation in certain parts associated with abnormalities in various internal organs.

Медики рассказали, как прыщи на лице связаны с болезнями

Chinese doctors call the human face a “window of health”. Thus, in accordance with the Chinese diagnostic card, irritation and pimples at the top of the forehead talking about the problems with the excretory and digestive system which can not cope with its task of active excretion of unwanted substances and toxins from the body Skopje. In this situation, they suggest to eat more foods rich in antioxidants, and drink plenty of fluids – tea without sugar and clean water without gas.

Acne in the lower part, a symptom of stress, depression, poor sleep and circulatory disorders. To restore health should be more to walk, meditate and go to bed before midnight.

The skin on the bridge of the nose is an indicator of liver health. Pimples on the face are honking that a person should adjust your diet towards more healthy food, reduce the intake of fat and alcohol.

Pimples on the cheeks, according to Chinese physicians, indicate problems with the lungs. Acne appears on the nose, on the deteriorating conditions of the cardiovascular system.

If the rashes occur in the Central part of the chin, it may be associated with disruptions in the bowel. Lower jaw and neck reflect the state of the kidneys and reproductive organs: the appearance of acne in these places can be a sign of poor work or hormonal imbalance.