Doctors told how to deal with autumn Blues and depression

Fall, many people have noted lowered mood, sleepiness during the day and increased appetite. But don’t worry — it’s natural protective mechanisms, which prepare our body for the cold weather. We are moving into a mode of “energy”, and the reduction of daylight may provoke a shortage of the “sunshine vitamin” — D.

Медики рассказали как бороться с осенней хандрой и депрессией

Catalyst negative emotional States are also common signs of autumn are constantly gray sky, the rain, the naked trees — the world starts seems dull and lifeless. Psychologists believe, this is not just to fight, but necessary.

Depression or the Blues?

It is important to distinguish usual autumn Blues seasonal depression. The difference is simple — if you are not getting better over three weeks — better to ask for help. You should be especially attentive to the people whose relatives suffered from depressive or other psychiatric disorders.
If we are talking about the autumn Blues, then once the body adapts, things will be back to normal.

How to beat the autumn Blues?

Physical activity
The sport allows you to produce endorphins — hormones of happiness and pleasure. Most importantly, choose a hobby, the training must not become drudgery.
A balanced diet
Include in the diet as much as possible of seasonal vegetables and fruits, eat fish and lean meat. You can add and vitamin complex, but before these consult your doctor.
Increase daylight
It is difficult to do, but possibly get up with the dawn and go to bed early. So you “grab” all the sunlight.
Take care decor
Decorate the house with bright posters, design details, and replace curtains, etc. If there is no paint, the house they should be mandatory.