Doctors told how to help yourself with back pain in case of lumbago

One wrong step or movement, and in the back may occur pain. This sudden, but severe lower back pain known as lumbago. German experts told how to help yourself with this problem.

Врачи рассказали, как помочь себе при боли в спине в случае люмбаго

Lumbago is characterized by sharp, severe pain in the lower back. Some people describe it as a wound, so burning it may be. In lumbago locomotor activity seems impossible, many patients prefer to keep the body in an inclined position. The trigger for the lumbago is usually a dramatic weight lifting, a wrong turn of the body or a sharp bend. Lumbago duration varies from two days to two weeks

Doctors say that lumbago is not a disease but a symptom that can have various causes: in most cases, to a sharp pain in the back causes uncharacteristic tension of the deep muscles in the lower part of the lumbar spine. This tension leads to irritation of the nerves and provoke pain.

Rarely, in 3-5% of cases, the cause of lumbago is a herniated disc.

Treatment and first aid: what to do in lumbago? In the case of this violation of person needs primarily in the quick help relieves pain. Your doctor may prescribe special painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs, if necessary – the manual impact.

However, the nature of medical care for lumbago is not needed if the cause of pain is intervertebral hernia, and muscle tension.

In most cases, acute discomfort with reduced mobility caused by muscular spasm, usually lasts for several days, although mild symptoms and the pain can persist for several weeks. The main aim, according to doctors, is samopomosh, allowing to survive the pain period.

Measure number one.
It is how to cause maksimalnoe relaxation of the muscles of the back. You need to lie on the floor and raise the legs some support. If you stay in this position for at least ten to fifteen minutes, then usually comes the improvement of the symptoms and some relief.

Aid remedies. Also in case of lumbago can be taken over-the-counter pain medications, e.g., ibuprofen in low doses. In addition, it is useful to use a special ointment with him in its composition.

Once the sharp pain subsides, it is necessary to start to move slowly, avoiding causing pain sudden movements. Continuing to stay in bed, you only run the risk of extend the duration of the pain, but movement helps the body and spine again to get in shape.

If the symptoms of lumbago there is no improvement within three days, you should consult a doctor. If along with a sharp pain in the back also felt the fever, the numbness of the limbs or even paralysis, incontinence to seek medical help immediately.

How to protect yourself from back pain. The Foundation of a healthy back is a physical activity: the right types of exercise can strengthen back muscles and improve joint mobility. But it is also important that all the exercises were performed correctly and did not harm the back. The best sports for the back:

In everyday life do not stay too long in the same position, to switch between sitting, standing and walking in line carry the weight from foot to foot. When lifting heavy objects, using knees: muscles of the legs and belly take the weight off the back. Do not carry heavy bags on one shoulder or in one hand, distribute the load in both hands.

For working in the office. Desktops should have a height of 72 inches, it is perfect for 95 percent of the population. Seat height office chair or chair should be from 42 to 50 inches. Knees and elbows should be bent at a right angle, the feet should touch the ground.