Doctors told how to improve immune system

Experts in health have shared an unusual method.

Медики рассказали, как быстро улучшить работу иммунной системы

Strong immune system avoids the tedious treatment of colds and other infections, but under the influence of various factors it becomes vulnerable to pathogens. Scientists from the U.S. found a way to “reset” the immune system in a matter of minutes.

Experts have called an effective tool to update immunity cold shower. According to them, its use promotes the growth of immune cells — T-lymphocytes and NK-cells, providing protection from harmful components into the body and trigger disease processes.

“Two minutes spent on cold shower will give the opportunity to reduce the risk of disease from a cold. The cool water helps to improve blood circulation and normalize metabolism,” said health workers.

In the course of an organized research volunteers periodically taking a cold shower in a month. In the result, scientists found that this practice promotes the increase of vitality, concentration and reduce symptoms of depression. It also activates processes in the muscle tissue and the formation of brown fat, which provides intensive ionoobmen body without deposition of adipose tissue in problem areas.

Note at the same time that this method of recovery has contraindications. First and foremost, they relate to people with chronic heart problems, as well as those who are prone to pressure surges, both low and high.