Doctors told how to lower blood pressure without medication

Named the healthy properties of berries.

Врачи подсказали, как снизить давление без лекарств

Currant berry is not simple, and of all varieties the most valuable is black currants, but red and white currants have their advantages.

So what we did not know about this familiar childhood berry.

First, probably the most important, but because the well-known property of a black currant – an abundance of ascorbic acid. These fragrant berries of vitamin C more than citrus all together, the same amount it contains only sea-buckthorn berries, which ripen much later, and more only barabaschi berries cherries, which we do not get it.

Despite the fact that ascorbic acid not accumulate in the body, 50 to 100 grams of ripe black or red currant will help to strengthen capillary walls for a long time, to normalize the hemoglobin level, since only in the presence of vitamin C absorbed the necessary iron.

In short – if every day to give the child a handful of berries currant can strengthen the protective forces of a small body and to prevent anemia.

How useful currant

But not by one vitamin C is famous for the berry, the pulp contains a whole bunch of nutrients: vitamins a, all b vitamins, E, micro and macro elements: calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. In addition, any tender currants are rich in soluble fiber – pectin, phytoncides, tannins.

Normalizes blood pressure

This valuable property has a primarily black currant – if you regularly eat berries in season natural ripening, changes occur in the blood, with normal blood coagulation and viscosity, thus improving blood pressure.

But doctors warn – hypotensive, that is, people tend to under-pressure, to indulge in the blackcurrant is not worth it, especially fresh currant juice.

Colds and stomatitis

In small and almost invisible underwire currant contains salicylic acid, which the berry helps to cope with fever. Especially clearly this property manifests itself in respiratory viral infections and the common cold in the child, because due to the volatile and flavonoids, in particular the quercetin, black currant has a pronounced antimicrobial properties.

Black currant juice helps with infections of the oral mucosa and throat, as an adjunct in stomatitis, thrush.

Strengthens the heart muscle

Berries and black currant juice an excellent tool for the prevention and auxiliary treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, prevention of heart disease. Due to the abundance of potassium currants just need the core. Currant juice also has diuretic and choleretic properties, which helps prevent swelling.

Good for the digestive tract

To normalize the process of movement of food through the intestines will help daily a handful of currants both black and red or white. Cali promotes muscle contraction – peristalsis of the intestines, and the pectin helps the promotion of food bolus in the right direction. In addition, fiber, moving, like a sponge absorbs harmful substances, which are formed in the digestion process, and dispose of, remove them from the body.

Currant berries can be slightly fastened as they a lot of tannins, so don’t particularly hold to one if the child is prone to constipation.

Currant improves mood

Among the abundance of biologically active natural enzymes contained in the juice of black currant, scientists have identified substances that inhibit the destruction of the hormones serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and some others, are the basis of our moods and vitality (this is simplified, of course). Thus, by acting at the cellular level of substances entering the eye, stabilize the nervous system and help to look at the world positively. This way, contributes to magnesium is an important element of the connective tissue.

Who should not use currants

As any biologically active product currant has its limitations. First of all, should adhere to common sense and is not a berry pounds: even a great person, especially a child, it can cause adverse reactions.

Gently insert the berry kids. Pediatricians recommend starting with a half-teaspoon of unsaturated kompotik of currants, not before 8-9 months. Fresh berries are not recommended in the early years.

To abandon currants have, if you have increased the acidity of gastric juice.

Thrombophlebitis and a tendency to blood clots should not get involved currants — the currant juice promotes blood clotting.