Doctors told how to protect themselves against flu and colds in the winter

So as not to get sick of winter infections, you need to take this vitamin now.

Медики рассказали, как защититься от гриппа и ОРВИ зимой

Scientists from the UK found that vitamin D use even more than we used to think. This substance is useful for your bones and immunity. In the winter of vitamin D people is often not enough, so they get sick with a cold several times a season.

To help your own body is quite real. How figured out the experts of the Queen Mary University (London), examining research on the subject and information about 11 thousands of patients, vitamin D important in fighting infections.

It turned out that those people who regularly eat food that is rich in vitamin D and use supplements, SARS and the flu are sick less often.

An important feature also scientists have found. It turned out that vitamin D for the prevention of seasonal infections it is important to take gradually. That is, to prepare for the cold season, better in the fall and do not stop until the summer.

Scientists will continue research on this topic.