Doctors told how to tighten skin after weight loss

About this issue, it is worth considering before beginning weight loss.

Врачи рассказали, как подтянуть кожу после похудения

Often when a sudden weight loss or after childbirth, and sometimes with age, there is a risk of stretching the skin. It can become saggy and flabby, and then the joy of receiving the harmony may be marred by dissatisfaction with the condition of the skin. There is a solution! On how to restore the lost elasticity of the skin, we were told the plastic surgeon Sergey Derbak.

The main problem with a sharp getting rid of excess weight, pregnancy or natural aging – hyperextension of the skin and its lowering. In plastic surgery there are numerous methods of dealing with this problem. They are to fulfill three basic rules of plastic surgery.

The return of the whole complex of tissues to their original location

All the soft tissue in the body attach to the bones with ligaments. With age, bone tissue tends to shrink. This is related to all the age-related changes, because the reduction of bone volume all tissues change their position. It is therefore important to return the entire set of tissues (muscle-tendon-aponeurotic system) to its original position.

At the same time during plastic surgery is all the deeper layers with the skin shall be attached to bone structures. Often the movement of the tissue leads to removal of excess skin, fat and muscles.

Relief tissues

If to speak about age-related changes and extra weight, the main cause of sagging skin is the severity of the soft tissue. The heavier they are, the harder they fall and stretched under the force of gravity. The main fabric, which try to facilitate plastic surgeons, and fat. In this case, in the Arsenal of experts is the method of liposuction (removal of fat).

Compensation of lost volumes

Along with a decrease in bone and leaving the desired volume of the soft tissues. For reimbursement plastic surgeons use methods of lipomodulina. Here specialists available methods such as liposuction, lipofilling (moving fat from one place to another), laser lipolysis, etc. In addition to this they can use different fillers (injectable dermal fillers).

All the operations aimed at addressing age-related changes associated with prolapse of tissues and hyperextension of the skin, are based on these three rules. These operations can be performed on each area: facelift, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, arm lift, thigh (inner or rear) surface of the buttocks, breast. Sometimes you need radical surgery on the entire body lift to trim down.

Each of these operations has its own specifics, and for each patient their modifications are selected individually.

Is it possible to do this without surgery?

Certainly, the plastic surgeon has their own criteria by which it evaluates the feasibility of the operation. The fact that our skin is a resource reduction. Before you decide on surgery, the doctor evaluates the condition of the skin (tone, stretch marks), as well as their potential for restoration. In the Arsenal of the modern plastic surgeon there are a number of alternatives. This is a procedure that stimulates the contraction of the skin with the help of devices (lasers, RF installation, etc.) or medication (e.g., mesotherapy).

Depending on the condition of the skin plastic surgeon can make the conclusion in each individual case: is there a need for surgery or skin itself can be reduced by using alternative methods.

What is the prevention?

If you, for example, decided to lose weight in the shortest time possible, but are worried that your skin will SAG, you can come for a consultation, which will give recommendations on skin care in the process of weight loss. Most of the process of struggle against excess weight lengthy time, and the skin has time to shrink yourself. So sometimes to maintain its condition, it is enough to wear compressive underwear.