Doctors told several ways of defeating insomnia

Many people have experienced insomnia. Often this disease can go into a chronic stage.

Медики рассказали несколько способов победы над бессонницей

In this case, the doctors have developed special techniques and courses that will help to cope with insomnia at home. Experts suggest to apply the recommendations in the ten minutes before bedtime.

Breathing exercises

Often, insomnia occurs because of the fact that the body lacks oxygen. It gives in addition to insomnia headache.
Experts recommend before going to sleep for five seconds to inhale the air deeply through your nose after each inhalation to hold the air, and then exhale through the mouth.

Relax the pinched muscles

The second way, according to. Scientists, to sleep – is to get rid of pinched muscles in the back and overloaded the day of the spine. After all, the day it tends to get tired and thereby bring discomfort and insomnia.

Exercises for relaxation is simple: to put under the knee cushion, then the feet will take bent position. In any case, feet do not strain. Lying in that position for several minutes.

Limbs in heat

The third way to get rid of insomnia is to warm the extremities. Doctors recommend to put on feet before bed with warm socks should be made from smooth natural fabrics.

Socks have warming effect in which the body relaxes, blood vessels dilate, and sleep arrives. As an alternative to socks you can use warm foot baths before bed.

Experts remind that we must not forget before going to sleep on such things as fresh air, room lighting and soundproofing of the room.