Doctors urge to fight obesity as well as Smoking

Members of the British psychological society (BPS) to urge General practitioners working in programs for weight loss regularly to improve their skills with psychologists. According to the BPS report, obesity has a direct relationship with mental health. However, according to leading British psychologists, not all doctors are aware of this relationship and can provide necessary support to the patient.

Врачи призывают бороться с ожирением так же, как с курением

As reported in the British Medical Journal, members of the psychological society urge the government to develop a national programme on the fight against obesity, similar to the one that is anti-Smoking.

“We need the same effort in obesity that we saw when Smoking”, — said Serb Bajwa, Executive Director of the British psychological society. — For decades have taken place at all levels — from public policy to assist individual smokers, and now we are seeing a significant reduction in the level of Smoking and the health problems that it causes. Psychologists have scientific and clinical expertise to assist health services to do the same thing with obesity,” said Bajwa.