Documents and data: what to prepare in case of hospitalization due to coronavirus

The uncertainty around the theme of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV causes people to make unusual preparations, including stocking everything from disinfectant for hands, toilet paper (although not all can explain why it is in an epidemic). But in fact, in the case of hospitalization regarding coronavirus needs to be done is quite another, writes Fox Business. Remember that if you forget or not have time to draw, be it a will, a power of attorney or statement, then it is not necessary to wait for better times. To execute documents, you can visit now by calling the notary to your home or the hospital. Karina Duvall, Russian lawyer and a licensed new York notary public and prepare for you any documents — at home, in the office or in the hospital; put the apostille and send documents to any email address.

Документы и данные: что подготовить на случай госпитализации из-за коронавируса

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This is especially important if you or your loved ones over 50 years old, or someone close to you lives in another city, state or country. Future File organization dealing with assistance in collection of information during an emergency, proposes to collect the following data and documents.

Medical information

Medical information is critical — make sure you have gathered together and provided easy access to your medical history, drugs taken regularly and other important data and attributes associated with your health.

If you find yourself in the hospital, it will help you to quickly and efficiently receive appropriate treatment without delay due to the lack of access to this information.

Legal documents

On the background of the pandemic COVID-19, search statistics Google on how to make a will, shows the highest figures in history. Yes, you must have formalized last will, you and your family must be issued powers of attorney for health care and property if you need to close person made the decision for you on these issues.

Medical power of attorney is also important if you have adult children (students in College or living separately); otherwise, you will not be given access to their medical information or you will not be able to make decisions about the treatment of your children.

Personal accounts and accounts

It is important to gather a list of personal accounts and accounts and to delegate access to them to the nominee in case if you find yourself in quarantine and will not be available for you everyday activity and the data. Make sure they also have access to the keys and alarm codes for your home and office. Perhaps in the case of hospitalization you need people who can water the plants and feed the Pets in your home, or to access work files.

Remember, nobody ever regretted about that too carefully prepared for an emergency situation.

Quarantine is the perfect time to put in order documents

Many worried about the isolation and detention houses, not knowing what to do. In fact, it is a good reason to check your business and organize the archives. You will suddenly find that you have something missing: birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce. Taking advantage of enforced idleness, you can recover lost documents, to issue power of attorney to dispose of premises, to arrange transfers and affidavit.

Despite the fact that the communication between countries is limited and in some cases stopped altogether, it does not stop the workflow. You can still go to the notary, including to cause it to issue a statement, power of attorney, probate, apostille, to issue certified translations of official documents, use mail in to get my Affairs in order. And licensed in the United States the notary Karina Duvall are ready to help. Realizing complexity of the situation, she did not stop working to help all who have a need to deal with their documents.

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