Does the contraceptive pill on the risk of obesity?

Researchers from the University of Navarra has discovered a link between regular use of oral contraceptives and risk of obesity. The probability increases by 78% compared to women who do not accept them or accept not on a permanent basis.

Влияют ли противозачаточные таблетки на риск ожирения?

According to the study, oral contraceptives for two or more years is associated with increased likelihood of obesity by 78% in the next 8 years. Thus, this study did not study what mechanism lies behind this phenomenon and what causes the weight gain.
According to Alfredo GEA, chief researcher and employee of the Department of preventive medicine and public health, University of Navarra, we recommend caution when using this method of protection.

The essence of the research

The researchers prospectively assessed the risk of obesity at 4920 young women (average age 28 years) during eight years of follow-up. None of them had obesity at baseline. The participants were divided into two groups, depending on regularly whether they used oral contraceptives. Using this method of contraception and body mass index were assessed at baseline and then every two years during the period of observation.

The results showed that the use of oral contraceptives is significantly associated with the likelihood of obesity, especially when their use is constant and lasts for more than two years.

Author Alvaro San Juan Rodrigues:

“It has been proven that other things being equal, and independent of them, the risk of obesity in subsequent years almost doubled in women who regularly used oral contraceptives, and nearly tripled in those who used them continuously for more than two years.”