Does vodka to disinfect wounds?

Many people use vodka is not only intended, but also as a disinfectant for the treatment of wounds or other antiseptic purposes. The expert answered, how effective vodka in such cases.

Эффективна ли водка для дезинфекции ран?

Surgeon Theodore Shpachenko said that this drink can’t be fully called a disinfectant because of the alcohol content in it only 40%. In medical applications usually used alcohol strength of 70%.

“This is the minimum percentage to kill bacteria” said Shpachenko.

However, if, for example, have you hurt yourself on the street, or under the hand sanitizers, it is a shallow wound, abrasion or scratch can be rinsed with water or vodka. The latter is suitable for these purposes.

The doctor noted that alcoholic drink can flush away bacteria that could get into the human body. And the water itself may contain bacteria.