Does warm beer and vodka with pepper for colds?

“Granny” methods for treatment of colds and is still in the go – to drink warm beer, “warm” vodka with pepper, to bury a garlic tincture in the nose, etc. But from the point of view of medicine, how these methods affect our body? Therapist Olga Alexandrova said if “traditional methods” for the treatment of colds.

Помогает ли теплое пиво и водка с перцем при простуде?

Warm beer

Many people use warm beer to relax and fall asleep quickly. However, alcohol creates an additional burden on the body, and in any form not allowed to drink during a cold or flu.

Vodka with pepper

This “fuel” mixture is often used in order to better departed sputum. It is a myth that alcohol in any disease is prohibited.

Chicken broth

The broth saturates well and gives an extra amount of fluid for the body, which is important during illness. The nutrients are in the broth, a good support the immune system. But we should not treat it as a medicine, it is rather good food for the period of the disease.

“Clean the nose” garlic

Often garlic juice mixed with honey and the mixture is then instilled into the nose to relieve runny nose. It just is not worth doing, since you not only will not achieve the desired effect, but will burn the mucosa.


Bath – a great tonic for the body — a single session can increase the number of cells. But it is by no means impossible to visit during illness: under the heat of the infection quickly spread throughout the body, it is possible to receive serious complications.