Dog with a fondness for smoothies, conquered Network

Собака, обожающая смузи, покорила Сеть

Cute in the extreme.

It turns out that not only people like smoothies because our smaller brothers also quite able to appreciate the taste and benefits of fruit cocktail, reports the with reference to 120.

An example of this is the dog named Konatsu, who lives with his owners in Japan. It is sufficient only to supply four-legged gourmand with a glass of smoothie made from strawberry, Apple, cucumber, pumpkin and many other things, how the dog immediately throws out his long tongue and begins to enjoy refreshments.

Собака, обожающая смузи, покорила Сеть

Thick passion for cocktails was found for 8-year-old Konatsu still a puppy when she accidentally tasted such a delicacy. Since she loves smoothies, and the owners are always happy to deliver the favorite treat.