Domaine Le Cageot de Jonquière: a decision of the Régie des alcools contested

Domaine Le Cageot de Jonquière: a decision of the Régie des alcools contested


A dispute between Domaine Le Cageot de Jonquière, in Saguenay, and the Régie des alcools will be the subject of an important debate at the Administrative Tribunal of Québec. 

TVA Nouvelles has learned that the vineyard is contesting a recent decision by the organization which ordered the suspension of its license for 60 days.

The Régie criticizes its owner for having bought more berries permitted by law for its artisanal production of wines and alcoholic beverages, more specifically, blueberries and grapes.

In recent years, the company has rented land outside the estate to ensure that it has enough berries.

He thought he was doing the right thing, especially since the type of license he holds allows it.

But the Régie des alcools du Québec does not see things the same way.

“The Régie adds a multitude of legal conditions that do not are not listed in the regulations or in the permit”, explained the lawyer for the estate, Me Estelle Tremblay, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles. 

“Basically what he is saying is that Domaine Le Cageot should perform the whole chain of tasks related to the cultivation of grapes and not omit one of them otherwise it is not its own grapes.”

According to the company's lawyer, the Régie exceeded its powers, its jurisdiction, in addition to creating a legal precedent that could have major impacts on this type of industry.

“It makes regional production even more difficult to do with conditions as rigid as these,” said Me Tremblay.

“Last year, nature was not kind to blueberries and at the grape level, the company did not manage to produce the proportion of 50% requested, but it lacked only 1.65% and the Régie blames him for it. It is as if this decision were disembodied in relation to the natural and economic context faced by producers,” she added.

The lawyer also contests the sanction imposed during the production period. .

It compromises the viability of the company in the short and medium term, according to her.

“It is not a good thing for the industry in our region that it is done in this way, so suddenly, without the company being able to react in a timely manner and being able to make the appropriate representations,” indicated Me Estelle Tremblay.

By appealing the decision, the sanction is suspended.

Domaine Le Cageot can continue its production while waiting for the case to be debated before the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec possibly in the fall.