Domestic harassment: an ex-policeman avoids prison

Domestic harassment: Ex-cop avoids jail


A jealous, ultra-controlling ex-cop who harassed two ex-wives failed to avoid a criminal record, giving him hope of getting his job back, but he pulls through anyway avoiding prison.

“Our society has no tolerance for the violence, domination, manipulation and terror that one spouse decides to impose on the other”, commented Judge André Perreault this Friday at the Montreal courthouse in refusing to grant David Ross an absolution.

But at the same time, the magistrate did not consider it necessary to send the 45-year-old accused to prison for having caused years of psychological hell to former spouses when he was a police officer in Trois-Rivières. Rivers.

Extreme control

Blaming it on his busy work schedule, Ross had allowed himself to control the lives of the women he was in a relationship with. Believing himself to be “tanning” and “flat” at worst, he did not hesitate to attack a victim when she wore perfume, make-up or even a low neckline.

“During outings, the accused is jealous and [addresses a] reproach to [his ex-spouse] when she laughs too much, when she is too physically close to other men, when she has too much pleasure”, indicates the summary facts.

Ross had engaged in this outrageous behavior more than a decade ago, but far from having learned how to change it, he continued his ride years later, on another woman.

Taking advantage of his privileged access resulting from his job, he also allowed himself to monitor them via a police database, even if he was strictly prohibited from using it for personal purposes.

“I wanted to impose my rhythm of life on others,” explained the police officer, since fired, who affirmed that his dream was to help others.


Guilty of harassment and illegally accessing the police database, however, Ross hoped to get away with it without even a slap on the wrist. 

That's what he now has a life coach and does acupuncture treatments, which would make him a better person. He also donated $1,500 to the Center for Victims of Crime.

“He says he's not proud to act in breach of trust,” said the judge.

A union official had also praised Ross, describing him as an exemplary policeman, who taught police cadets.

But all that wasn't enough for Ross to walk away without a record, even though he dreams of becoming a police officer again.

“The courts have a duty […] to denounce violence between spouses and to dissuade all those who would be tempted to rely on this form of abusive control”, recalled the judge, who however refused to impose a sentence of 11 months of incarceration as demanded by the Crown .

Instead, he imposed 3 years probation, during which Ross will not be able to communicate with the victims, among others. He will also have to undergo therapy for violent men.

If Ross does not respect the conditions of his probation, the court could intervene by sending him to prison.

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