Dominika Gwit has undergone an unusual metamorphosis. Pregnancy clearly serves her

Dominika Gwit is losing weight despite pregnancy!

Dominika Gwit has undergone an unusual metamorphosis. Pregnancy clearly serves her

As the” Pomponik “portal reminds us, recently Dominika Gwit and her husband revealed that they will soon welcome their first child to the world. The actress willingly shares with her sympathizers how her pregnancy is going now. It turns out that she managed to lose weight despite the increasingly advanced pregnancy.

A dream come true

Dominika Gwit and Wojciech Dunaszewski are expecting the birth of their first child. In the post in which the actress shared this happy news, she also revealed that she would become parents, it was their great dream and they strove for a long time to make this wish come true.

Pregnancy definitely serves Dominika Gwit, who is radiant in each subsequent photo. She is also happy to share with her supporters how pregnancy is going and what is happening with it. It turns out that despite the increasingly advanced pregnancy, I managed to lose weight.

Dominika Gwit is losing weight during pregnancy

Dominika Gwit admitted some time ago that she slightly modified her diet, introducing what her baby needs most for proper development. Now she has shown that she cares about the right dose of exercise, which brings surprising results. The actress admitted that at the same time her child grows, she shrinks herself.

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The post was full of comments, in which fans of Dominika Gwit competed in compliments. They emphasized that it looks flourishing and wished her and her unborn baby a lot of health.

We also join these wishes!