Dominika Gwit revealed the surprising effect of pregnancy. “Baby is growing and I'm losing weight”

Dominika Gwit does not hide her surprise at what is happening with her pregnant body.

Dominika Gwit revealed the surprising effect of her pregnancy.

As the “Pudelek” website reminds us, Dominika Gwit has recently decided to share with her admirers happy news. Together with her husband, she revealed that they are expecting the birth of their first child. The actress radiates happiness, and her fans have no doubt that she has recently lost a lot of weight. Dominika Gwit decided to reveal what is behind her weight loss.

A dream come true

On Wednesday, Dominika Gwit decided to share the happy news with her admirers. She did it by posting a photo on social media in which we see her together with her husband. He tenderly touches her belly, and she proudly presents pictures of the baby developing under her heart.

The actress did not hide that pregnancy was their great dream, which finally came true. It turns out that, despite the condition of blessed Dominik Gwit, he is not getting fat, but losing weight. The fans decided to find out what is behind the actress losing weight. How did she answer that question?

Dominika Gwit reveals her secret

Recently, Dominika Gwit has asked her admirers quite often how she manages to lose weight during pregnancy. “And today I stepped on the scale and it turns out that in fact, the baby is growing and I am losing weight” – admitted Dominika Gwit, adding that she does not use any slimming diets, because these should be avoided during pregnancy.

She noted, that he tries to eat much more vegetables and dairy products, providing his baby with everything he needs for proper development. She added that the weight loss effect in pregnancy is quite common “in patients with metabolic syndrome”. Dominika Gwit also admitted that she hopes that she will not gain too much weight during pregnancy.

 Dominika Gwit revealed the surprising effect of her pregnancy.

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