Don cherry did not apologize for his words, caused “the poppy scandal” (PHOTO)

Дон Черри не стал приносить извинения за свои слова, вызвавшие «маковый скандал» (ФОТО)

Don cherry refused to apologize for his causing so much discussion and criticism tirade about new immigrants, not wearing poppies, noting that he could keep his job as co-host of “Coach’s Corner” if he agreed to be “a spineless robot, which no one would know”.

Sportsnet has cut ties with longtime co-host of one of the parts of the program Hockey Night in Canada, saying that after discussions with cherry, it was agreed that it was “exactly the time when he should immediately resign”.

Cherry told reporters in an interview with Canadian Press that on Saturday night he said what he thought, and everyone also believes that everything in Canada should be wearing poppies in honor of fallen soldiers.

He stated that his comments did not exclusively relate to national minorities, but that they likewise apply to the English, Scottish or Irish immigrants, like any other.

In his Saturday statement cherry appealed to the immigrants in Toronto and MISSISSAUGA, where he lives, with reproaches, because they do not wear the poppy symbolism.

He said that while he had no plans for the near future, and added that he receives many phone calls and messages from people who want to support it.

But Steven Porwal, historian, who has long explored the theme of the participation and sacrifice of Indian soldiers during the First world war, said in an interview with Global News Monday that the cherry assumption that immigrants do not honor canadian veterans who were not quite correct, seeing that the speaker is unable to know for sure who is the immigrant and who was born in Canada.

“This supports the stereotype that immigrants are unpatriotic, do not feel gratitude for the sacrifices that were brought in the name of the country,” he said.

“Dismissal and an apology is not as effective because they substitute for a conversation on the merits… But we have to tell Canadians that many representatives of various groups fought in the First and Second world wars. Without their contributions we wouldn’t have those freedoms that we have today.”

Canadians reacted to the dismissal of cherry is very ambiguous, and many are advocating for the return of the now former presenter of the program about hockey.

Less than 24 hours more than 77,000 people signed arranged on the petition “Bring back don cherry!”.

“Don cherry is a canadian icon and a symbol of the working class, the petition reads. – Perhaps it is politically incorrect and was not as careful as I should be, but his offense is not grounds for dismissal”.