Donald trump has changed his place of residence due to ‘bad relations’ in new York (PHOTOS)

Дональд Трамп сменил место жительства из-за 'плохого отношения' в Нью-Йорке (ФОТО)

The US President Donald trump has changed permanent residence from new York to Florida because of a “bad relationship” to the local politicians. About this he wrote on Twitter.

“I loved the White house and hopefully will hold it for another five years, in spite of this, a permanent residence for me and my family will be in palm beach, Florida. Despite the fact that I’m paying millions of dollars in local, municipal taxes and taxes of the state, is to me a very bad political leaders, both city and state,” wrote trump. The President noted that it was hard for this decision.

Earlier The New York Times, citing documents, reported that trump and his family changed their permanent place of residence. Prior to this official residence was listed trump tower in Manhattan, where he moved in 1983.

In the documents, there were also other places of residence, namely the address of the White house (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) and Golf club in Bedminster (new Jersey), where trump, according to the publication, spends several weeks every summer.

The White house declined to comment on the legal move by trump, but a source close to the President, said that this is due to taxes. Thus, according to the NYT, he moved to Florida, trump was able to avoid the maximum tax, which in new York is nearly 9%, and in the city of new York – nearly 4%. Also, the newspaper writes about the high inheritance tax in new York (at the rate of 16% for property valued over $10.1 million).