“Don’t want to depend on love”: Selena Gomez has spoken out about his personal life

After the wedding Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin fans, with special attention watch as Selena Gomez. Recently the singer decided to pre-empt a lot of speculation, giving an interview about his personal life.

«Больше не хочу зависеть от любви»: Селена Гомес высказалась о своей личной жизни

For several years, Selena Gomez dated, then went with Justin Bieber. In the end, the singer still gave preference to model Hailey Baldwin, which Selena started having problems with mental health.

Recently the singer for the first time gave an interview to Western’s YouTube channel. In it the star has told not only about the creative plans for the future, but also about his personal life.

Selena did not go into detail and name names of people in question. However, it’s clear to everyone that if a girl says “first and greatest love,” she, of course, is referring to Justin Bieber.

“You are in that period of life when you first experience love. I think it may be poisonous. You both have the interdependence that you think is love, but then comes the disappointment” — sadly said Selena.

Also the celebrity admitted that he is still not ready for a new romance, but slowly begins to wonder about him. “I don’t want to depend on love. I want my next relationship was normal, without mud, toxicity and with greater proximity to each other,” explained Gomez.