Dorofeeva showed a bold look from new video

Nadia Dorofeeva – one of the most sexy and attractive singers of the Russian show-business. Her vivid images, daring outfits, chiseled figure and enormous capacity for work brought the girl adoration of thousands of fans. Thus, artist a loving and faithful wife as she recently supported her husband Vladimir Dantes in his intention to return to the stage. By the way, the actor also appeared in the new bold and colorful clip of the group “Time and Glass”- LOX. Nadia, in turn, has published in Instagram photo from new video.

Дорофеева показала смелый образ из нового клипа

In the clip, the singer turned into a real party girl. Video filmed in the spirit of the age zero: lacquer jackets, “leopard”, the extreme mini, flare jeans, chains and lots of colourful massive accessories, hairstyles ripple, lots of glitter and neon. Nadia played the role of a leggy blonde with a tight tan, party girl, used to be the center of attention, and bold koyotki, but also staged a hot dance on the bar.

The photo in the profile, the singer is depicted in the image total denim. Flare jeans, top corset on the figure, a wide belt of chains with a huge buckle, decorated with jewels, bright makeup using rhinestones and glitter, two tails corrugated strands, long, sharp nails with catchy nail Polish – she tried on all the fashionable trends of the 2000s.

Fans have been actively sharing his impressions after watching the clip, but in the first place, estimated the bow Nadi.

  • You’re just a space
  • Nadia, you are such wow
  • Beautiful like a doll
  • It is very hot
  • Bomb
  • Is sex
  • Very cool! You are the best!