DOROSH presented the video for the song “Stay”

Ukrainian singer DOROSH presented the video for the song “Stay“. The clip was directed by famous Ukrainian music video Director Victor Skuratovsky.

“The idea to shoot it in Barcelona arose instantaneously and spontaneously. We almost always spent together with the artist. Travel, selecting locations, shooting days, a few minutes of sleep, an extraordinary city, hundreds of miles and enjoyment from everything that happens — like this survey. And so, I will go to any intelligence!”-

said skuratovskiy.

Barcelona, according to the artist M1 Agency, was one of his favorite cities on Earth.

“”Let’s stay” — work that is necessary to separate nicely. I know how it is… In the video I play two characters, two characters who live in one person: love and hate, good and evil. Good “I” kaitsya and finds no place. The second — is looking for a new adventure, remembering the past with a smile”-

said DOROSH.