Double occupancy doesn't deserve to survive

Double occupancy does not deserve to survive


I too watched Sunday's famous episode of Double Occupancy. Yes, yes.

I have never seen such a cocktail of cheekiness, pathos, ridicule and hypocrisy.

It was so grotesque, bad, surreal that it became enjoyable.

It was like watching a train derailment in slow motion, but without my feeling an ounce of sympathy or pity for the people involved, both on the production side and on the participants' side, who knew or should have known in what they were getting on board.


Before this show, I thought it had all been said about the monumental hypocrisy of the producers.

They discover a social conscience and tons of empathy when the sponsors withdraw. Until then, we were giving a good show.

But Sunday's episode, perhaps the most spectacularly failed “damage control” operation in the history of Quebec television, reached new lows of hypocrisy.

The real “scandal” is not in the “intimidation” exercised by three candidates. Do politics or high-level sport and we'll talk about “intimidation”.

Sunday, we wanted to do the trick of honesty and transparency. It was so honest and transparent that we never heard the version of the excluded.

Disappeared from the photo album, like in the Soviet purges.

I laughed until I saw the executive producer, sputtering, trying to find the words to make it clear that her team now found unacceptable what had been perfectly acceptable until then.

The summit was the two “experts” who came to coach on “toxic masculinity” and “bullying”.

The “author” was harping on what you'll find in the first five pages of a psycho-pop book at Costco.

The UQAM professor must have made many of his colleagues cringe seeing him use his academic titles to participate in and endorse an improvised rescue operation by a private company that put itself in the “m….

Become apes, the remaining participants chanted the new gospel of syrupy benevolence.

The host, on the other hand, smiled his embarrassed little smile while he served the tea on the deck of the Titanic, water up to your knees.


Seriously, when a show is based on a concept of elimination and you recruit participants with such profiles, what do you expect?

Here are guys who happen to be “hot”, who do a lot from the gym, who have a lot of free time, some of whom need to be spoken to slowly to understand, and who dream of a shortcut to “stardom” and money.

It gives what it gives.

“I haven't been myself from the start”, says one of them, moved, confused, destabilized.

Hey , bro, you're in a TÉ-LÉ-RÉ-A-LI-TÉ! What part of the word escapes you?

Okay, now that we're done laughing, this monument of hypocrisy doesn't deserve to survive.

There are limits to take us for idiots.

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