Doug Ford spoke about the scandal with pictures of Trudeau (PHOTO)

Даг Форд высказался по поводу скандала с фотографиями Трюдо (ФОТО)

The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford broke his silence and expressed his opinion about the photographs of liberal leader Justin Trudeau with black and brown makeup on his face, produced a bombshell.

In an exclusive interview with CTV News Toronto Ford said that the situation ultimately “each person will be determined individually”.

“It was unacceptable in 2001, it is unacceptable now,” Ford said.

“People should decide. They will have the opportunity to decide whether they want the Prime Minister remained the Prime Minister or they want change.”

Ford said he sees how public opinion is formed in respect of the appeared photos and video of Trudeau, the presence of “widespread double standards”, and believes that not the last role in this is his political affiliation.

“If this were a conservative, I think it would have been otherwise.”

Trudeau apologized on Wednesday for using brown makeup at a party in 2001, after TIME magazine published a photo from the event.

“I shouldn’t have to do that. I had to give this some thought, but I didn’t, and I’m sorry,” said Trudeau reporters on the plane after a day stay in Atlantic Canada in the context of the election campaign.

The article TIME, published on Wednesday, tells that the photo appeared in the Yearbook 2000-2001 West Point Grey Academy, a private day school in Vancouver, where Trudeau at that time worked as a teacher.

The liberal spokesman said that the photo was taken at the annual school dinner in the style of “the Arabian nights”.

Trudeau said that he was dressed in a costume of Aladdin.

“It was foolish of me. I’m upset by his behavior. I’m angry at myself for what I did. I’m sorry I did it, but I did it and I apologize for that,” he said.

“I worked all my life trying to give people the opportunity, fighting racism and intolerance, and I’m standing here saying I made a mistake when I was younger, and I’d like to in that situation, I acted differently”.

Trudeau was almost 30 years old when the photo was taken.