Dozens of bikers came to buy lemonade, the girl whose mother saved their lives. Touching VIDEO

A video where nearly 30 bikers in jeans and leather vests, stand in line to stand with the lemonade itself is quite a remarkable sight. But the touching story behind this is what made the video go viral. About it writes Yahoo.

Десятки байкеров приехали купить лимонад у девочки, чья мама спасла их жизни. Трогательное ВИДЕО

Photo: Depositphotos

The reason for this phenomenon is that in 2018, this group of bikers and the mother of the girl selling the lemonade, had an accident. The mother was confused and gave first aid may have saved the lives of many.

“The best lemonade in the state! Last year my daughter and granddaughter had an accident, which injured several men and women from this group of bikers — said in a post on Facebook, which posted the video. Today they came for the lemonade to surprise my granddaughter”.

September 2, 2018, when Darin Storch, a nurse and her daughter Brian, had an accident with a biker group called the “Milwaukee Iron”. Storch quickly took action and saved a few lives.

“I stayed with them and did everything possible to save them, so they do not lose consciousness and was calm,” said the girl’s mother, adding that all five of the bikers involved in the accident, got a pretty “terrible” and “severe” injuries.

After the accident, 37-year-old Storch began to receive messages of gratitude from some of the bikers. They sent Storc information about the recovery of those who were injured and have since maintained a connection with her.

Almost a year after the accident, when 8-year-old Brian decided to set up a table with lemonade to raise money to buy equipment for his horse. Her mom announced it to Facebook.

The bikers saw the post and commented, asking if they have a good Parking place for motorcycles, if any of the members of the club will call. But Storch didn’t expect to see a team of 30 bikers coming to get lemonade.

“My daughter could not believe it and was very excited, says Storch. — She thinks they are the nicest people in the world.”

“I didn’t know that the bikers who I helped, came for the lemonade, so to see them again was very overwhelming,” she says, noting that at the moment when she saw the bikers she cried, especially when he saw a man named lumpy.

“I remember trying to help him, he said to me, “I’m fine, I want you to went to check and took care of the girls.” He was more worried about the girls who were injured, than anyone else, recalls Storch. — I’m so glad they’re doing well”.

Because the video of the bikers is gaining thousands of views on Facebook, his mother hopes that this story will be known.

“For me it is important that people understand that we are surrounded by good people,” she says, ” and what someone looks like or dresses like you, does not mean that they are not such values in life.”