Drake was allowed to leave a high fence around his mansion in Toronto (PHOTOS)

Дрейку разрешили оставить высокий забор вокруг его особняка в Торонто  (ФОТО)

Being a celebrity often means that you may not comply with other rules, and sometimes even the law. Apparently, for this reason, Drake provided a special honor, but, admittedly, there are other extenuating circumstances it.

In summer, the rapper addressed the city administration with a request to make his case an exception in connection with the excess of norms, regulated by the order, which States that fences around residential buildings should not exceed two meters in height.

And yesterday, the Council of North York gave such permission.

Now Drake is allowed to put fences up to a height of 4.4 meters on his estate Bridle Path.

There is information that, according to a representative of Drake, a request was made for security reasons.

He said that fans trying to enter the territory of “day and night” and it brings Drake out.

His representative argues that the concern about security issues is quite sufficient to grant such permission, but not everyone shares this opinion.

The lawyer representing one of the neighbors Drake, opposed the granting of permission, calling the wall height of 4.4 meters, built by Drake, the “eyesore” that “can be seen from almost every room” of a neighbor’s house.

However, an exception was made.

And now we can breathe a sigh of relief and sleep easy, knowing that the Drake is now out of danger in his mansion.