Drake will be engaged in the production and distribution of marijuana (PHOTO)

Дрейк займется производством и распространением марихуаны (ФОТО)

Canada’s largest new brand for the marijuana industry starts a collaboration with a rap star from Toronto Drake. They will start fully licensed joint venture in the city for production and distribution of cannabis.

Under the deal, multiple winner of “Grammy” will receive 60 percent stake in a subsidiary of the stock market Canopy Growth, which produces cannabis in Scarborough, Ontario.

Quoted in the U.S. the company’s stock Canopy, which last year attracted large investments, increased by about three percent in early trading.

Drake is not only in the list of celebrities who collaborate with canadian companies on production and distribution of cannabis since the marijuana in the country was legalized.

Previously, the company Canopy Growth announced a partnership with Martha Stewart, Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg.