Drawing against stress: the artists of Disney are free lessons on YouTube

Disney offers free drawing lessons online creativity can help you relax and focus on something positive during a pandemic coronavirus, says CNBC.

Рисование против стресса: художники Disney проводят бесплатные уроки на YouTube

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Since baking and finishing puzzles, quarantine of Covid-19 may force you to turn to Hobbies that I don’t have enough time.

If you are looking for a relaxed way of spending time during the week, or weekend, Disney offers free art lessons on YouTube.

You can learn how to draw some of the most popular Disney characters, from Elsa from “frozen” to the beloved goofy. Animators Disney store classes the duration of which varies from 10 to 30 minutes, and you don’t need any skills to try.

Here, for example:

Drawing can be just a way to pass the time. Studies show that this creative process can have a significant impact on your mental health, especially during emotional stress.

Research 2016 showed that the figure distracts from the sad thoughts. People were asked to think about the sad event that they’ve ever experienced, and then draw something completely not associated with this event for 15 minutes. The experiment was repeated for four days. Another group in the study was painted, as the participants represent their feelings, also in the allotted time.

Interestingly, the people who drew random objects (in this case, it was their shoes), eventually showed a more positive mood compared with those who tried to Express their feelings through art.

“The act of drawing our attention to superficial qualities of color, line, texture and so forth, the study authors write. — When we draw, we tend to focus on these aesthetic properties than on the real object that is represented. The researchers found that regular painting can become a healthy habit that will help you cope with difficult emotions.”

Other studies show that painting to distract can help you to experience a state of “flow” — a comfortable feeling of optimal experience comes when we are actively involved in the activities.

Don’t want to draw Disney characters? Drawing or painting sophisticated geometric patterns such as the symbol of the mandala or other drawing, can provide a meditative state that reduces anxiety.

Also, studies have shown that practicing any kind of art, from collages to sculptures of clay, can reduce the level of cortisol — a stress hormone — even if you have no artistic skills.



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