Dreams come true: 8-year-old Ukrainian has collected a million likes on Instagram to get a dog

Мечты сбываются: 8-летний украинец собрал миллион лайков в Instagram, чтобы получить собаку

Eight-year-old Kirill of Paces of Kropivnitsky long dreamed of a dog. The boy wanted to get a Labrador, but my mother never agreed. Leaving no hope to achieve, Cyril continued to persuade parents. And in the end mom offered son a compromise: to put in Instagram your photo with the poster on which is written, that he wants a dog. If a photo reaches a million likes, a dog he will buy. The boy did so. Although not really believe that from this something will turn out. Cyril was not a successful blogger with thousands of subscribers, and likely to earn under a million photo likes, it seemed, was zero.

However, the photo of Cyril with the poster raised a million likes in five days! To fulfill the dream of the child, their likes helped thousands of people from different parts of the world.

“I was sure that while photos will gain likes, time to grow up the youngest child”

Kirill had Pacelli already more than seven thousand subscribers. Their number is constantly growing. And the boy now puts fresh pictures with his darling three month Labrador Millie.

— That Kirill will be able to collect under your photo more than a million likes, my husband didn’t believe it, — admitted “FACTS” Kirill’s mother Julia. — Even for bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers a million likes for photos very good luck. And then the child page which Instagram is no different from his peers… I was sure that nothing will come of it. To buy son a dog, to be honest, I wasn’t. I didn’t get to Labrador: a year ago gave birth to her second child, so worries now and so above the roof. I explained all this to Cyril, but he never stopped dreaming. Son asked for a dog, even when we lived in Odessa (in kropyvnyts’ke moved only at the beginning of this year). Sometimes it came to tears. Will see someone a puppy on the street and begins…

And recently we went out with Cyril and his youngest son, and at the traffic lights to the stroller with a child ran up Labrador. Dog put paws on the stroller, happily trying to lick the baby. His owner, of course, to apologize. And Cyril was delighted. And since then began to ask what Labrador.

The idea with likes and the poster was not invented by us. A few months ago this photo to Instagram put a girl from the Netherlands. She wrote on the poster that really wants a dog, and asked our users to support it. Then my husband and I also laykali her post and suffered to gain it a million. Scored. And thanks largely to users from Ukraine. Then another girl wrote that the much more likes received from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, but not from the family of the Netherlands (interestingly, we then were in a similar situation: the post Cyril, oddly enough, more laykali foreigners than Ukrainians). In short, the girl has achieved its goal and the dog received. Then my husband and I sincerely happy for her.

Meanwhile, son did not cease to solicit Labrador. And I, remembering the girl from the Netherlands, jokingly asked him to do the same. And I thought, even if suddenly the post Cyril and reaches a million likes (which, as it seemed to me, could not be in principle), it will happen not earlier than in a year or two. Decided that while photos will gain likes, time to grow up the youngest child and then maybe do buy a dog. But it was not as I had planned (laughs).

Kirill drew a poster on which was written: “My mom said I can get a puppy only if I can get 1 million likes” (“My mother told me that I will get a puppy only if I can get a million likes”). Cyril put a photo in the evening of 17 October. And the next morning the photo got more than 50 thousand likes!

Мечты сбываются: 8-летний украинец собрал миллион лайков в Instagram, чтобы получить собаку

This picture got a million likes in five days

— It was something incredible, — says Julia. — Within ten minutes after Cyril put up the post, had accumulated two thousand likes. I couldn’t believe it, sent the screenshots to my parents… And Cyril under his publication did not put any hashtags — however, she instantly began to spread over the Network. I posted a photo of him in his “history” (the unit in Instagram that allows you to publish a short photo or video with events that are happening right now. — Ed.). But I closed the page and slightly more than two hundred subscribers, so a large number of likes my help just did not bring. Except that on the initiative of Cyril learned my friends. The post son they, of course, also liked and seeing how quickly gain “likes” have become a joke, saying that million yet, but it is already clear that my plan to delay the purchase of a dog didn’t work.

“Cyril, could not believe what was happening, and kept repeating: “I’m in shock!”

According to Julia, when the post Cyril gathered the first hundred thousand likes, she’s already decided to go to breeders. However, son, nothing about it said.

— I already understood that the dog we buy. After hundred of thousands of likes — too much, — Julia continues. — The more the number of likes continued to increase. Friend just dropped me contact the breeder of Labradors. I’ve gone without Cyril. My husband kept the intrigue, it agreed on a million likes. And while the son watched, how many dials it post, we met a dog. I liked it immediately. Such a sincere, kind and funny puppy. The dog immediately recognized me, began to play. I told the breeder that after a few days we’ll take her. And she, meanwhile, ordered all necessary equipment — leashes, bowls, toys.

The post Cyril, meanwhile, continued to gain likes. Two hundred thousand, three hundred thousand, Their number increased exponentially. The son himself could not believe what was happening. Cyril kept saying: “I’m in shock!” Photos son laykali most active users from Turkey, Greece, Arab Emirates, Thailand. Among them were public persons, for example, a leading Greek project “the Voice.” And one Arab Sheikh wrote to Cyril, they say, have your mom send the credit card number and I’ll send her the money to buy the dog. Others just wished Cyril to see his dream finally come true. Under the photo of the people left thousands of comments. Son really supported the whole world.

That I went to the breeder, Cyril still learned. Of course, immediately started asking questions, which I evaded as best I could. And when on the fifth day after the appearance of photos in Instagram, she has gained one million likes, have no reason to be encrypted. I told my son that very soon we will have a Labrador. Cyril was in seventh heaven!

After a few days when he arrived pre-ordered inventory, Yulia took the dog. Meet Cyril with his Millie, a woman was caught on camera. Puppy, happily wagging his tail, he started to lick his young master. And Cyril hugged the dog, laughing and repeated: “love, love, Love!”

Мечты сбываются: 8-летний украинец собрал миллион лайков в Instagram, чтобы получить собаку

Millie is a favorite of all family members

— I could hardly hold back tears, — says Julia. — As soon as the dog crossed the threshold of the apartment, rushed to Cyril if they knew each other and had not seen. The dog immediately saw a friend. Since then they are inseparable. Son, as promised, he walks with Millie, plays and even cleans up after her (and since the puppy was not housebroken, the first week we had to do it all the time). Rising early in the morning in any weather, even in the output below for a walk with her. Perhaps with the advent of Millie Cyril became more responsible. And certainly happier.

“The nickname I was advised subscribers. Millie — from the word “million”

In conversation with the correspondent of “FACTS” Cyril admitted that now he’s “the luckiest in the world.”

— Millie, we are so used to each other, — says Kirill. — We are together for two weeks. During this time, Millie has learned to go to the toilet on the street. Sometimes maybe even pee at home, but not just anywhere, but on a cloth. Sometimes it hard on the street. She’s like a vacuum cleaner wants to suck on everything she comes across. As my uncle said, she loves street food, that is all that is lying on the street. We are educating. She chews my toys, but the shoes are not touching. Millie’s pretty active! All she wants to jump, run, play. We often play with a stick. Will soon begin to teach her commands.

Мечты сбываются: 8-летний украинец собрал миллион лайков в Instagram, чтобы получить собаку

“Now I’m the happiest person in the world!” — says Kirill

Cyril said that his dream was a very long time:

— I’ve wanted a dog! And all the time said to my mom “Buy a dog, buy a dog.” And it is not accepted. Said that right now, because she and I, and my brother. When mom asked me to draw a poster and put up in Instagram, didn’t believe that I will be able to get a million likes. And still don’t know how it happened.

— Dog’s name he came up with?

No. That I advised subscribers. Millie — from the word “million”. I still write to people from different countries. Many congratulations, saying that he is very excited for me. Milly and even on the street now know, you know? Approach strangers and ask: “you scored a million likes?” And asking me to continue the page. I’m doing that. Now I make photos with Millie and tell us how she lives in our family.

— Of all family members but I didn’t want to buy a dog, — says Julia. — And now I love her no less than Cyril. I thought that this is tantamount to the emergence of a third child, which constantly need to care. In a sense, the way it is. But the joy that Millie brought to our house, not be compared with anything. Millie, by the way, immediately fell in love with not only Cyril, but our one year old son. They now have a lot in common, they are chewing on the same toys (laughs). When Millie puts in my hand, his wet nose or breathing warmly on my lap, I realize that without her our family would be incomplete.