Dressed up as a pig: the bride Rozenko surprised network users

Нарядилась свиньей: невеста Розенко удивила пользователей сети

The bride is the former Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko Elena-Cristina Swan has, obviously, a good sense of humor and often pleases its fans with photos from his personal life.

Once again she decided to prove it by answering the accusations of the haters that she’s too thin and “light bones”. In order to justify her figure, she decided to try plush pig costume, writes the edition “typical Kherson”, which closely followed the activities of his compatriot in the network.

The publication notes that your post Christina provided a humorous inscription “Without a hat! I ate!”.

Нарядилась свиньей: невеста Розенко удивила пользователей сети

Many users appreciated such humor Elena-Cristina and also made fun of her in response.

“Now nhto not write “ADN cost”, “Christine, you’re so fat, quickly lose weight” “the Most CHARMING hrusecka, HEAD”, “New technologies to scare away speculators, Which sampanna pig”, “Wow! Recovered!”, — wrote fans.

Two days post the presenter has collected more than 12 thousand likes, it seems, appreciated the humor.

Earlier it was reported that on his page on Instagram Elena-Cristina Swan has shared a new photo with her fiance Paul Rozenko. She said that the pair is heading for a birthday goddaughter. It should be noted that a pair of clothes in one color. For this event they chose beige. Elena-Cristina chose an elegant gown to the floor, but Paul Rozenko — suit in the same shade.

Нарядилась свиньей: невеста Розенко удивила пользователей сети

“Comrade Weather, immediately turn off the wind and turn the toggle switch on +20! Today the christening of a beautiful Alice! Race to Wonderland!”, — signed the leading.